Brunch Pantry Café
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Oops, this restaurant is closed or does not offer a brunch anymore!

Wasl Square, Al Hadeeqa Street, Jumeirah

DU Dubaï


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

Friday morning. Fancy some breakfast/brunch? Look no further, the Pantry Café awaits!
Located on Al Wasl Square, it’s a cool, trendy café where the exposed brick walls and coloured seats definitely create a New York vibe. All for a delicious brunch, perfect for hipsters and families as well.

Breakfast and brunch are available everyday, although most people focus on Fridays!
A la carte, plenty of possibilities. Once again, choosing is tricky!

You can have eggs, cereals, bacon, but also organic Masala omelette, traditional Arabic breakfast, Shakshuka (braised eggs in onions and tomatoes), French Toast, healthy fruit salad with a low-fat natural yoghurt…And many other tasty options!